Wrapping these buildings in a nice, warm sweater’: Edmonton retrofit first of its kind

Bees buzz between tomato plants, rows of Swiss chard and flowering zucchinis. Defend Alberta Parks signs dapple the Sundance Cooperative Housing property, between porches with lines of pegged drying laundry. Scaffolding surrounds one faded colourful townhouse and construction workers compare measurements. “I’ve been in construction for 50 years and this is my hardest project,” according […]

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UNDET Enhances Accuracy and Reliability of Construction Retrofit Workflow

A Canadian construction company needed to extract highly accurate building geometry from existing residential structures to fabricate new exterior wall panels. With no background in 3D scanning, the company sought a point cloud modeling solution compatible with its SketchUp design package.  Butterwick Projects Ltd. is a net-zero construction firm based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, that is […]

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Why is there condensation on my windows?

Why is there condensation on my windows_ Butterwick Construction Edmonton Net Zero Builder

Why is there condensation on my windows? Original Content provided by: Renomark.ca published on 2021/02/10. It’s a common question asked by Canadians during the winter months.    You may notice below a certain temperature that there’s water accumulating around the edges of your windows or even on the frames themselves.    If it’s cold enough you may even […]

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Why Choose Design Build Construction?

Why Choose Design Build Construction Butterwick Carpentry Edmonton Alberta 2

Why Choose Design Build Construction? Rather than attempting to convince you why you should choose Design Build for your project. We thought we would explain why we choose to become a Design Build contractor. Our story began with a breaking point. We received a set of plans for a custom home. The design intent was there, […]

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Elegant & Innovative Energy Efficiency

We Collaborate with clients to design and build exceptional buildings. Utilizing high-performance building practices with a craftsman style approach. Our experience and understanding of how buildings function allows us to deliver projects with superior durability, comfort and energy efficiency. Our Experience and understanding of how buildings function enables us to deliver projects that boast both […]

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Why build Net Zero Edmonton?

Annalee and Dave Butterwick Construction Edmonton

Why build Net Zero Edmonton? “We’re not building cars the same way we did in the 80’s. So why do we still build our homes that way?” That is the answer Butterwick’s founding partners regularly give whenever asked the question, “Why we build Net Zero?” In recent decades there have been vast significant advancements in […]

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