Why build Net Zero Edmonton?

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Why build Net Zero Edmonton?

“We’re not building cars the same way we did in the 80’s. So why do we still build our homes that way?”

That is the answer Butterwick’s founding partners regularly give whenever asked the question, “Why we build Net Zero?”

In recent decades there have been vast significant advancements in every professional industry and market around the world. Yet, trades professionals continue to build houses the same way we did in the 80’s? It makes no sense. 

Butterwick Construction’s core vision and founding principles were born to challenge the industry’s status quo. 

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The automobile industry is continuously advancing efficiency requirements, always enhancing the user experience.

Government regulations are set in place to ensure their industry’s environmental and safety requirements reach the highest of standards. 

Therefore minimum requirements get continuously enhanced, and some auto manufactures have even evolved to 100% electric.

However, in contrast, the minimum code for residential buildings has remained stagnant.

Whenever there is a push for code development towards energy-efficient buildings, there is always industry pushback. 

Is it because huge developers building suburbs control the industry? If you were a small custom builder, wouldn’t you want to build the best home possible? 

For instance we talk to custom builders, Policymakers, including the municipalities, regions, and provinces that develop building codes regularly. Whenever we mention the codes and standards to which we are building should to be raised. We get the same push back. 

Why? I guess because it creates more work? Well, we enjoy work! We love what we do, which is why we prioritize these changes. Because we work for the client, and these changes are in their best interest.  

Above all our client hired us to build them the best building possible and for the best price possible. They rely on our experience and expertise to do this, plus they are spending a lot of money in the process. 

We take pride in staying on top of innovative advancements, techniques, and materials which add value to our client’s project. Plus we take the time to understand how a building operates, what each component’s intended function is, and why. 

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If your builder does not know what a blower door test is, you should be scared! If they offer countertop upgrades but not window or efficiency upgrades, you should be scared! Plus if they are only promoting the finishes, look, and aesthetic of the home, you should be sacred! 

Because it means they are probably more focused on marketing than they are best construction practices.

They might even be excellent project managers and build your house really fast… However, what value does that bring if the end result is an underperforming building built to the minimum standards?

In conclusion Net Zero is not just a green alternative. Net Zero builds are environmentally responsible and have better energy performance. 

Above all they are healthier, more comfortable, and more durable. Net Zero is simply the best way to build a house.  

If you live in the Greater Edmonton area, and you are planning on building your dream home or renovating your current home, and this article hasn’t quite answered the question “Why do we build Net Zero?” 

Take a look at our Why Net Zero page, give us a call on 780-434-3559.

Or send us an email with your question at:  info@butterwick.ca

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