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We Collaborate with clients to design and build exceptional buildings. Utilizing high-performance building practices with a craftsman style approach. Our experience and understanding of how buildings function allows us to deliver projects with superior durability, comfort and energy efficiency. Our Experience and understanding of how buildings function enables us to deliver projects that boast both unmatched resilience and revolutionary energy efficiency. Our practical experience & expertise allows us to give clients more freedom to make the aesthetic and design decisions they need without compromising building performance.

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We’re not building cars the same way we did in the 80’s. So why do we still build our homes that way?

We believe in high quality, durable, comfortable High Performance buildings. Net Zero buildings are buildings that produce as much clean energy as they consume. They are 70 - 90% more efficient than typical construction. Passive house is one of the most stringent standards in construction standards today, its a performance based certification ensures the building meets airtightness, heating and cooling energy demand, and overall energy demand. A deep energy retrofit will make your existing building more energy efficient, reduce maintenance requirements increase the value and productivity of your building. All of these reduce overall energy use and costs to offer more durable, healthier and comfortable environments to live in.

Why Net-Zero

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We specialize in high performance building. Passive House, Net Zero houses, Deep Energy Retrofits in Residential, commercial and multifamily applications. We get involved from the early stages of a project. Our expertise in building function allows our clients the freedom to stay inline with aesthetic and design choices with little compromise.

Is Net Zero right for you?

Net Zero can work for anyone and begins with design. The earlier we can be involved, the better. Call us today to discuss your near zero emissions options. Book a Consult